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Welcome to my family history website. Its purpose is to share information with near and distant family members or anyone else who might have a common interest. In the search for my ancestors, high or low-born, good or bad, significant or otherwise, it has been fascinating to gain insight into a wider historical perspective, as well as to establish contact and share information with others who share the same interest in particular characters or periods. I welcome any contact from readers who may wish to correct any errors, add to what is already there or simply to write to share an enthusiasm. I hope there may be something here of interest to you.

How the website is organized:

The record of every individual can be accesed through the index link above; this contains any notes about the individual concerned and details of four generations of ancestors; names of these have links so that their full record can easily be viewed.

In addition, HERE, BELOW,ON THE HOME PAGE, there are file links to a number of tree diagrams, as well as relevant documents in PDF format which provide supplementary information; with the enourmous size of the entire tree, it would be impossible (and impossibly cumbersome also) to view it as one diagram, so these tree diagrams conveniently focus on selected areas.

For any site visitor interested in obtaining copies of the images, it is advised to locate these on Flickr (see contacts page for full information), where any high resolution file can be downloaded.



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