Mary PETEGREE ( - )

1. Mary PETEGREE married Michael HURLOCK in 1764.


Michael HURLOCK (known as 'Micah') was born circa 1740 in Shoreditch. He was a Weaver. He died in 1796. He was buried on 12 May 1796 in City Road Chapel Burial ground (Wesley's Chapel). aged 56. He and Mary PETEGREE had the following children:



Cutaway Mike, Michael HURLOCK (1765-1846)


Thomas HURLOCK (aft1766- )


William HURLOCK (1772-c. 1772)


Hezekiah HURLOCK (1774- )


Mary HURLOCK (c. 1776- )


John HURLOCK (aft1779- )

Second Generation

2. Cutaway Mike, Michael HURLOCK, son of Michael HURLOCK and Mary PETEGREE, was born in [Julian] 1765 in Christ Ch.Spitalfields. He was baptised on 29 May 1765 in Christ Ch.Spitalfields. He was a Thames River Officer. He married Sarah SCOTT on 4 December 1783 in Shoreditch St.Leonard. He died on 7 November 1846 in Hackney Road, London.


Cutaway Mike: the name comes from his job, which was to police the Thames; if boats had not paid their mooring fees, Mike's job was to cut the ropes which held the boats to their mooring. There is also a song, in a version by Mike Spicer (Sussex folk singer) about Cutaway Mike.

Cut Away Mike from 'Up in the North, Down in the South' (Sung by George Spicer at his home in Selsfield, Sussex. 1973)

Little Mike he was born about six in the morn,
Sure he and his mother were there at the time.
Now, well I'm a-singing, pray don't you be scorning,
For all his adventures I'll tell in my rhyme.
With a rub-a-dub, rowdy-dow, fife-away, all-the-day,
Fill-a-loo, that'll-do, cut away Mike.

He once took a walk to his grandfather Tower,
Who lived about six hundred miles out of town.
Got there in an hour, then lifted a tower,
And returned home again with a church in his lap.

He once made a contract with baker and butcher,
For all they could bake and for all they could kill.
A whole batch of bread he consumed for his dinner
Then stuck a cow's tail in the hole of his tooth.

Spoken: (Laughs) Don't know no more.

Victorian broadside printers called this The Adventures of Little Mike. Some printers put it alongside The Bonny Bunch of Roses, but unlike the latter, it has not survived well in tradition. There are various longer versions of the Ballad of Cutaway Mike.


Mike was a weaver (1802) & Asst. Collector of Dues, Billingsgate Market 1826. Later he was an Asst.Clerk & Collector. He died 7 Nov 1846 ('of old age' at 37 Gloucester Street, Hackney Rd., B.G. in the
household of James/Ann Saunders.).


Sarah SCOTT was born circa 1760. She died on 25 February 1838. She and Cutaway Mike, Michael HURLOCK had the following children:



Michael HURLOCK (1788- )


Sarah HURLOCK (bef1791- )


John HURLOCK (1791- )


Mary A HURLOCK ( - )


Rachel HURLOCK (1800- )


George William HURLOCK (1802-1886)


Elizabeth HURLOCK (1805- )


Thomas HURLOCK (1807- )


[unnamed person] ( - )


3. Thomas HURLOCK, son of Michael HURLOCK and Mary PETEGREE, was born between [Julian] 1766 and [Julian] 1768.


4. William HURLOCK, son of Michael HURLOCK and Mary PETEGREE, was born in [Julian] 1772. He died circa [Julian] 1772.


He died in infancy.


5. Hezekiah HURLOCK, son of Michael HURLOCK and Mary PETEGREE, was born in [Julian] 1774.


6. Mary HURLOCK, daughter of Michael HURLOCK and Mary PETEGREE, was born circa [Julian] 1776.


7. John HURLOCK, son of Michael HURLOCK and Mary PETEGREE, was born between [Julian] 1779 and [Julian] 1788.

Third Generation

8. Michael HURLOCK, son of Cutaway Mike, Michael HURLOCK and Sarah SCOTT, was born in 1788 in St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, London. He married Mary BRANCH.


9. Sarah HURLOCK, daughter of Cutaway Mike, Michael HURLOCK and Sarah SCOTT, was born before 1791. She married James BANNISTER.


10. John HURLOCK, son of Cutaway Mike, Michael HURLOCK and Sarah SCOTT, was born in 1791.


11. Mary A HURLOCK was the daughter of Cutaway Mike, Michael HURLOCK and Sarah SCOTT.


12. Rachel HURLOCK, daughter of Cutaway Mike, Michael HURLOCK and Sarah SCOTT, was born in 1800.


13. George William HURLOCK, son of Cutaway Mike, Michael HURLOCK and Sarah SCOTT, was born on 27 November 1802 in Christ Ch.Spitalfields (Shoreditch). He was baptised on 26 December 1802 in Christ Ch.Spitalfields. He appeared in the census. He was a Railway Policeman. He married Charlotte HODSELL on 16 August 1825 in St. Pancras, Middlesex. He died on 21 October 1886 in Hertford, Herts..


Notes by Sandra Hurlock:

"The fourth surviving son of "Cutaway Mike" and Sarah was born in 1802. Having a well-known father and son (William) has made it difficult to get information on George's life.

"According to family information, at the age of 23 he made a runaway marriage with Charlotte, the daughter of a wealthy city man. Charlotte Hodsell was the duaghter of Thomas Hodsell (Hodsoll?) whose family seems to have been connected with one of the old City banks. She had been baptised at St. Botolph Bishopsgate in 1802 and although she was therefore "of full age" when she married in 1825, it was said that she defied her parents in so doing. Nonetheless, two of her relatives attended the marriage at St. Pancras Church as witnesses - William, probably a younger brother, and Isabella Hodsoll.

"It is not known where George and Charlotte began married life. In 1828 two daughters were christened Charlotte and Sophia at St. Leonard's, and on this occasion George gave his occupation as "Shoemaker" (it seems probable that both girls died before 1841 since they do not appear on that census and on-one in the later family seemed to have heard of them). George Edmund was born in April 1830 and was also christened at St. Leonard's, when George Senior declared himself "Fishmonger", maybe working with one of his brothers. George Edmund usually gave his place of birth as Hackney, although he once gave it as Hoxton.

"Sometime during the next four years the family crossed the Thames and went to live in Deptford, then still virtually a riverside township, separated from London by marshes. This was very puzzling to the author for a long time. The first civil document she found connected with George - the marriage certificate of George Edmund (1856) showed George Senior as "Police Constable". This prompted a series of enquiries to the River, City and Metropolitan Police forces, but despite their thorough investigations George's assertion remained unsupported by other evidence until the family was discovered on the 1851 census at 7 Nelson Street, Deptford. It was a very dark copy and after the word "Policeman" in George's occupation slot could just be discovered, in brackets "Rail". He wasn't listed with the family on the 1841 census, perhaps because he was working nights?? This return showed George Junior aged 11, three of the children born in Deptford - Thomas, Emily and William, plus a child of three years named Maria, with n.k. where her surname should have been. She may have been a "Nurse Child" but both film and copy are too faint to be deciphered with any confidence. She was no longer with them by 1851.

"The authorities seem to agree that it is extremely difficult to find reconds of early railway staff of any kind and that to do so it is essential to know the name of the Railway Company that employed them. Since no-one this century even seemed to have heard about this police occupation of George's it seemed that an educated guess would have to be the only starting point. There must have been a very good reason for George to remove himself and young family from the Hurlock network in the Shoreditch area and cross the River to live in a dockyard township: finding a better kind of employment seemed the most likely one.

"Bibliographies of railway history and a study of maps of South London helped to reduce the possibilities somewhat. It was found that in 1833 permission had been given for a railway to be built between Greenwich and London to carry both freight and passengers. The work of actually building it began in 1834 and the first section to be laid ran about two miles, from Bermondsey to Deptford. When it was officially opened in December 1836, the London and Greenwich was the first passenger railway to run into London, eventually terminating at London Bridge. At the start the Company employed thirty policemen (whose duties included the rudimentary signalling used in the very early days) but over the years this number reduced to a very few. Unfortunately, although not unexpectedly, only two or three names of policemen appear in the Minutes of the Company during a period of thirty years and none of these was George. Therefore the author has sadly to declare total ignorance of George's police work with the railway.

"George and some of the family were still at 7 Nelson Street in 1852 but had gone from there by 1861. In March 1864, on the marriage of the youngest son William, George have his occupation as "Clothier", which must have meant that by then he was working with William at the Walworth Road shops. In 1871, he and Charlotte were certainly living in Walworth Road in a household which included on census night at least, William, the then unmarried daughter Charlotte, Emily's daughter Emily C. Williams and Emily's future husband, James Carpenter."

If Charlotte's background was as superior as legend has it, she must have had to suffer materially in the cause of romance and no doubt at times felt that she had sacrificed too much. She died in 1882 at St. Albans, aged 73. It seems as though George then moved to live with his youngest daughter, Charlotte Catherine, and her husband Henry White, in Stockwell, since although George also died at St. Albans, upon probate of his will being granted in 1886, he was said to be "formerly of St. Albans... but late of... Stockwell".


Some census details:

the 1851 census shows that the family is still living at 165 Nelson Street, St. Paul, Deptford. George is a "Policeman (Rail)". He and Charlotte are with their children Emily (aged 14 and a dressmaker's assistant/apprentice?), William (aged 11) and Charlotte (aged 6).

The 1861 census gives George still as Railway Constable. In the house at the time of the census were his wife and two daughters Emily (aged 23) and Charlotte (aged 16).


Charlotte HODSELL, daughter of Thomas HODSELL ( - ), was born in 1802 in St. Botolph, Bishopsgate, London. She died on 19 October 1882 in St. Albans. She and George William HURLOCK had the following children:



Sophia HURLOCK (c. 1828- ). Sophia was born circa 1828. She was baptised in July 1828 in Shoreditch, St. Leonard.


Charlotte HURLOCK (c. 1829-c. 1830). Charlotte was born circa 1829. She died circa 1830.


George Edmund HURLOCK (1830-1894). George was baptised on 10 April 1830 in Shoreditch. He was born on 19 April 1830 in Shoreditch. He was a Sanitary Inspector. He married Ann CLAPSON on 1 October 1856 in Shoreditch St.Leonard. He died in 1894. He was buried on 20 July 1894 in Bow Cemetery.


Thomas William HURLOCK (1834-1852). Thomas was born in 1834. He died in 1852.


Emily HURLOCK (c. 1836-bef1929). Emily was born circa 1836. She was baptised in 1836 in Deptford, St. Paul. She appeared in the census. She married Chas WILLIAMS. She died between 1920 and 1929.


William HURLOCK (c. 1840-1925). William was born circa 1840. He was baptised on 11 January 1840 in Deptford. He married Susan MAPLES on 25 March 1864 in St. Alphege, Greenwich. He died in 1925.


Charlotte Catherine HURLOCK (1845-1936). Charlotte was born on 23 January 1845 in Greater London, Kent. She married Thomas Henry Philpot WHITE between 1871 and 1877. She died on 4 December 1936 in Worthing, Sussex.


14. Elizabeth HURLOCK, daughter of Cutaway Mike, Michael HURLOCK and Sarah SCOTT, was born in 1805.


15. Thomas HURLOCK, son of Cutaway Mike, Michael HURLOCK and Sarah SCOTT, was born in 1807. He was a Fishmonger. He married Nancy ORTON.


Address was 4, Hertofrd Place, Shoreditch, Tower Hamlets, in 1851 census.


Nancy ORTON and Thomas HURLOCK had the following children:



Ann HURLOCK (c. 1832- ). Ann was born circa 1832. She was baptised on 5 February 1832 in Shoreditch St.Leonard.


Mary HURLOCK (c. 1835- ). Mary was born circa 1835. She was baptised on 17 May 1835 in Shoreditch St.Leonard.


John HURLOCK (c. 1837-c. 1917). John was born circa 1837. He was a Cab proprietor. He died circa 1917.


Jane Catherine HURLOCK (1840- ). Jane was born in 1840.


William HURLOCK (1842- ). William was born in 1842.


Sophia HURLOCK (1844- ). Sophia was born in 1844.


Edmund HURLOCK (1846- ). Edmund was born in 1846.


Sarah HURLOCK (1848- ). Sarah was born in 1848.


16. [unnamed person] was the child of Cutaway Mike, Michael HURLOCK and Sarah SCOTT.