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Charlotte HURLOCK (1868- )

1. Charlotte Catherine "Tottie" HURLOCK, daughter of William HURLOCK (c. 1840-1925) and Susan MAPLES (bef1843-c. 1908), was born in 1868. She married Herbert CHATTERTON.


Tottie kept horses, about which she was absolutely fanatical. When,during the first World War, she was told that her horses would be needed for the war effort, she decided that it would be kinder by far to them that they died immediately rather than suffer the injuries and trauma associated with being on the front line: therefore she had all the horses put down immediately.


Herbert CHATTERTON and Charlotte Catherine "Tottie" HURLOCK had the following children:



Gwennie CHATTERTON ( - )

Second Generation

2. Gwennie CHATTERTON was the daughter of Herbert CHATTERTON and Charlotte Catherine "Tottie" HURLOCK.