Joan? ( -aft1381)

1. Joan? died after 1381. She was buried after 1381. She married John DE NAPTON.


Lord John DE NAPTON, son of Lord Elias DE NAPTON (bef1310- ) and Margery DE BROMLEY ( - ), was born before 1336. He was a Lord of Broughton and Chorlton. He had the title 'Lord'. He died after 1355. He was buried after 1355. He and Joan? had the following children:



John DE NAPTON (bef1369-bef1382)

Second Generation

2. John DE NAPTON, son of Lord John DE NAPTON and Joan?, was born before 1369. He died before 1382. He was buried before 1382. He married KATHERINE?.


KATHERINE? died after 1382. She was buried after 1382. She and John DE NAPTON had the following children:



Thomas BROUGHTON (bef1401- )

Third Generation

3. Thomas BROUGHTON, son of John DE NAPTON and KATHERINE?, was born before 1401. He was a Lord of Broughton. He married Eva GREENWAY.


Eva GREENWAY was the daughter of Thomas GREENWAY ( - ). She and Thomas BROUGHTON had the following children:



John BROUGHTON (bef1426-aft1457). John was born before 1426. He was a Lord of Broughton. He died after 1457. He was buried after 1457.