Andrew BOUGHEY ( - )

1. Andrew BOUGHEY married Margaret UNK.


Margaret UNK and Andrew BOUGHEY had the following children:



Mary BOUGHEY ( -c. 1648)

Second Generation

2. Mary BOUGHEY, daughter of Andrew BOUGHEY and Margaret UNK, died circa 1648. She was buried circa 1748. She married William SMITH.


William SMITH (also known as [unnamed person]) was born in Bodmin? He died in Bodmin?. He died on 23 December 1748 in Leek, Staffs.. He was buried in December 1748. He and Mary BOUGHEY had the following children:



Christopher SMITH (1601-1667)

Third Generation

3. Christopher SMITH, son of William SMITH and Mary BOUGHEY, was born in 1601 in Bodmin. He died in 1667 in Bermuda. He married Anne GILBERT.


Known as "Christopher Smith of Smith's Tribe in the Somer Islands [Bermuda]". Christopher was clearly a well-known and successful participant in the early days of Bermudan colonization.

Captain Christopher Smith
will: dated 11 Jul 1667, proved 13 Mar 1667/8, inventory 19 Nov 1668

This writing made the 11th day of Julie being the fift moneth in the yeare of our Lord 1667 showeth the last will and testament of Christopher Smith of Smith's Tribe in the Somer Islands, I being (by the mercie of God) at making hereof in helth of body, and free from any distemper of minde.

First my will is that if it shall please Almightie God that I depart this life before my wife, then all and singular my estate of worldly goods shall remaine and be in her possession dureing the tyme of her natural life, provided that no part thereof be disposed of contrary to this my will saving what may be expended for her comfortable subsistence and funerall expenses; Also my will is that after the decease of mee and my wife, my share of land shall be devided into three equal partes, That is to say I doe give one third part to my sonn Edward Smith with all and singular commodeties (?) profitts, and appurtenances w'tsoever unto the sayd third parte of the sayd share belonging, to be and remaine to him and his heires for ever. Also I doe give another 3rd parte of the sayd share of land unto my younger sonn Seth Smith together with all & singul, the buildings edifices comedeties profitts & appurtenances thereto belonging tomee and remaine to him the sayd Seth and to his heries for ever provided that neither hee the said Seth nor his brother Edward, nor any of their heires or assignes shall at any tyme sell or alienate their said parts to any person, in case either of the brothers will give twentie shillings p annum for it thirteene pounds six shillings and eight pence. And that neither the said Edward nor the said Seth, their heires or assignes shall let the said lands or any parts thereof to any person, in case either of the brothers will give twentie shillings p annum. Also upon serious consideration I doe give the other third parte of the share of land unto my daughter Keturah Smith, which may be the most comodious and convenient for her with all and singular the comodeties, profitts and appurtenances there unto belonging during her life; Likewise I doe give unto my sayd daughter Keturah and Elizabeth Smith the two chambers in teh dwelling house Northwards the one called by the name of Keturah's chamber, and the other adjoining Eastwards were the chimnie is. And Millhouse, which my will is they shall peaceablie enjoy and possess so long as they, or either of them remaine unmarried, provided that if Elizabeth shall first amrrie, and the sisters disagree, that then my will is that my daughter Keturah be not disturbed nor molested, but peaceably to enjoy the said Chambers dureing her life. Provided also that the said Elizabeth shall claime no longer interest nor propertie in teh aforesaid chambers, then while shee remains unmarried except the sisters shall agree on the other terms.

Also my will is that soone after the decease of mee and my wife, all and by the name of Francis, which my will I doe give him to my daughter Keturah to her and her assignes dureing his life: the other servant namely Indian Kate, my will is that she be sold to either or any of the sonns or (they refusing) to any of the daughters her price not exceeding eleven pounds. And shee so sold that monie received with the other goods and cattell to be divided into six equal parts which by lott shall fall unto her (provided shee come over in person to receive it); Also I doe give unto my daughter Ann one sixth parte which by lott shall fall unto her (provided also that she come ovber in person to receive it); Also I doe give unto my daughter Ellen one sixth part which by lott shall fall unto her; Also I doe give one sixth part unto my daughter Elizabeth which by lott shall fall unto her; And in case any of my sayd children shall depart this life before their said legacy be payed unto them, that then my will is that w'tsoever the portion is that did belong to the deceased, it shall be equally distributed among the survivors of those to whome I have given the severall six parts; Also in case it shall please God that either of my sonnes or daughters to whome I have given my land decease, not having any lawfull heires (excepting my daughter Keturah who is to enjoy her portion of land onlie during her life) my will is the survivor of the two brothers Edward and Seth have the land of the deceased, paying for it as aforesaid; And after the death of Keturah, my will is her proportion of land returne to the aforesaid brothers Edward and Seth, to be equalie divided between them, that is the South side halfe share to Edward Smith to him and his heires forever, and the North side halfe share to Seth and the house to him and his heires forever. And if it please God they shall both dye without issue, my will is my sonn Thomas Smith or his heires shall have the land, paying for it as is aforesaid; And the monie given for the sayd land to be equalie distributed amongst the survivors as aforesaid. But in the case either of my sonns shall have a wife athte tyme of their decease, I will that dureing the tyme of her widdowhood she possess and enjoy that portion of land which was her husband's; I doe likewise will and desire that my nice Sibilla Ratcliff after our decease have and enjoy those goods which at this present properly belong unto her, namely one heifer now in the keeping of Seth Smith, which I do freelie give unto her, also foure cushions, one pair of sheets, 2 pillow beres and som childes linen now in possession of Keturah Smith, also one silver spoon, one pewter platter and one case of nine glass bottells; And in case her mother Ann Sheppard come not in person to receive her portion according to the intent, expression, and true meaning of this last will and testam't, that then the said portion of goods due unto her mother be given to her daughter Sibilla Ratcliffe. And of this my will and testament I do make and ordaine my well beloved sonne Thomas Smith, Persivall Golding and George Ball to be my executors. And I do desire my well beloved friend Captain William Sayle to be my overseer for the performance of this my will and testament. And for the confirmation of this my will and testament I have hereunto set my hand and seale this present 11th of Julie 1667.

Signed Christopher Smith
witnesses: William Sayle, Thomas Smith

Item: It is ___ before the sealing hereof, that (if) Indian Kate desire to be free at the decease of my wife, that if she will bring ___ that shee shall not be chargeable to the tribe or to the familie, she may be free or else she may then select which one of the children she will dwell with of Captain Smith.

Februarie the 27th 1668

Captain William Sayle aforesaid had deposed under oath before Captain Samuell Walley Governor the day and year next above written, that the aforesaid will was signed and sealed by Christopher Smtih aforesaid in his the sayd William Sayle's presence. (signed) Henry Tucker Secretie

Samuall Whalley Governor and Captain Genrall of Somer Islands, To my well beloved Ann Smith the relict of Captain Christopher Smith of Smith Tribe, deceased, sendeth greetings in o'r Lord God Everlasting. The administration of all such specialties, goods, and chattels as were, or now are the aforesaid Captain Christopher Smith's, upon trust and confidence of your inst and discreete dealing, I doe comitt whol to you the said Ann Smith. And you in and of the said specialties, goods, and chattells doe make ordaine and confirm as administratrix by these presents, charging you by vertue of your oath taken in this behalfe, that a tru and perfect inventorie of such specialties, goods, and chattells you do make and present before mee 14 days next after you shall bee thereunto called. And also a sufficient accompt of this your administracon you bring before mee when you shall be thereunto called. And that you at all tymes save and keepe harmless and endemnified mee the Governour and my successors. And all and singular the officers and ministers in these Islands concerning this your administracon. nd saving to evere other person or p'sones their rights and interest to the premisses. Given under my hand and the Seale of office of these Islands hereunto affixed the 13th day of November Ao. Dom. 1668 (signed) Samuell Whally

Thomas Smith the aforesaid Ann Smith's sonn bound in 100

Persivall Gouldin & George Ball to performe the conditions

An Inventorie of (the properties) of Captain Christopher Smith deceased, taken this present 19th of November 1668, And praised by Mr William Peniston and Mr Henry Harvie according to the Governours order and appointment. (an inventory of goods in rooms follows: hall, Elizabeth's chamber, mother's chamber, kichen, milk house, shed).


Anne GILBERT was born in 1607 in London. She died in 1668 in Bermuda. She and Christopher SMITH had the following children:



Thomas SMITH (c. 1629-c. 1709). Thomas was born circa 1629 in Bermuda. He died circa 1709 in Bermuda.


Edward SMITH ( - )


Seth SMITH ( - )


Keturah SMITH ( - )


Elizabeth SMITH ( - )


Ann SMITH ( - )


Ellen SMITH ( - )