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Sir John WEMYSS (bef1524-c. 1571)

1. Sir John WEMYSS, son of Sir David WEMYSS of Wemyss (bef1501-1544) and Katherine SINCLAIR (bef1502- ), was born before 1524. He died circa [Julian] 25 January 1571. He married Margaret OTTERBURN.


Margaret OTTERBURN was born before 1524. She and John WEMYSS had the following children:



Eupheme WEMYSS ( -1593)

Second Generation

2. Eupheme WEMYSS, daughter of Sir John WEMYSS and Margaret OTTERBURN, died on 16 November 1593. She married David CARNEGIE.


David CARNEGIE, son of Sir Robert CARNEGIE (bef1536- ), was born before 1552. He and Eupheme WEMYSS had the following children:



David CARNEGIE (bef1583-1658)

Third Generation

3. Sir David CARNEGIE 1st Earl of Southesk, son of David CARNEGIE and Eupheme WEMYSS, was born before 1583. He had the title '1st Earl of Southesk'. He died in February 1658. He married Margaret LINDSAY.


He was a member of the Privy Council of Scotland and held the office of Lord of Session. He was created an Earl in 1633.


Margaret LINDSAY, daughter of Sir David LINDSAY (bef1558-1610) and Helen UNK ( - ), was born before 1590. She died on [Julian] 9 July 1614. She and David CARNEGIE had the following children:



Catherine CARNEGIE ( - )