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1. Idwal KING OF NORTH WALES, son of Meurig ( -986), died in 0996.


... or Idwad?


Idwal KING OF NORTH WALES had the following children:



Iago (c. 974-1039)

Second Generation

2. Iago, son of Idwal KING OF NORTH WALES, was born circa 0974. He had the title 'Prince of Gwynedd'. He died in 1039. He married Afrandreg Ferch Gwair.


Iago was murdered. He lived in Aberffro, Maltraeth, Anglesey, Wales.


Afrandreg Ferch Gwair and Iago had the following children:



Cynan of Gwynedd (c. 1014- )

Third Generation

3. Cynan of Gwynedd, son of Iago and Afrandreg Ferch Gwair, was born circa 1014. He married Rhanult O'Olaf.


Rhanult O'Olaf was born circa 1031 in Dublin? She and Cynan of Gwynedd had the following children:



Gruffydd ap Cynan (1055-1137). Gruffydd was born in 1055. He married Angharad Ferch Owain circa 1082. He died in 1137.