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Margaret (aft1381-1439)

1. Margaret de Holand, daughter of Thomas HOLLAND ( - ) and Alice FITZALAN ( - ), was born between 1381 and 1385. She married John de Beaufort EARL OF SOMERSET on 23 April 1399. She died on [Julian] 31 December 1439 in Bermondsey, London. She was buried in Catnterbury Cathedral.


Alice was made a Lady of the Garter in 1399.


John de Beaufort EARL OF SOMERSET, son of John of Gaunt DUKE OF LANCASTER (1340-1399) and Katherine ROET (c. 1350-1403), was born between 1371 and 1373. He had the title '1st Earl of Somerset'. He died on 16 March 1410 in Hospital of St. Katherine-by-the-Tower, London. He and Margaret de Holand had the following children:



Henry Beaufort EARL OF SOMERSET (1401-1418)


John Beaufort DUKE OF SOMERSET (1404-1444)


Joan BEAUFORT (bef1407-1445)

Second Generation

2. Henry Beaufort EARL OF SOMERSET, son of John de Beaufort EARL OF SOMERSET and Margaret de Holand, was born in 1401. He died on 25 November 1418.


3. John Beaufort DUKE OF SOMERSET, son of John de Beaufort EARL OF SOMERSET and Margaret de Holand, was born in 1404. He married Margaret BEAUCHAMP circa 1440. He died on 27 May 1444.


He was born around April of 1404. He died on May 27, 1444, possibly but
highly unlikely, having comitted suicide. He was buried in Wimborne Minster, Dorset. He was elevated to the dukedom of Somerset on August 28, 1443 and was also created Earl of Kendal that same day.. He was made a Knight of the Garter in 1440.


Margaret BEAUCHAMP died on 8 August 1482. She and John Beaufort DUKE OF SOMERSET had the following children:



Margaret BEAUFORT ( - )


4. Joan BEAUFORT, daughter of John de Beaufort EARL OF SOMERSET and Margaret de Holand, was born before 1407. She married James I KING OF SCOTLAND on 2 February 1424 in St. Mary Overy, Southwark. She married James STEWART on 21 September 1439. She died on [Julian] 15 July 1445 in Dunbar Castle.


James I KING OF SCOTLAND, son of Murdac, Duke of Albany ( - ), was born in December 1394 in Dunfermline Abbey. He died on 21 February 1437. He died in 1437. He and Joan BEAUFORT had the following children:



James II KING OF SCOTLAND (1430-1460)


Sir James STEWART, son of John STEWART (c. 1350-1421) and Isabel MacDougall de Erqadia (c. 1362-1439), was born in 1383 in Innermeath, Argyllshire. He died in 1451. He and Joan BEAUFORT had the following children:



John STEWART (c. 1440-1512)


James STEWART (1442-1499)

Third Generation

5. Margaret BEAUFORT, daughter of John Beaufort DUKE OF SOMERSET and Margaret BEAUCHAMP, married Edmund Tudor 1ST EARL OF RICHMOND.


Edmund Tudor 1ST EARL OF RICHMOND, son of Owen TUDOR (c. 1400-1461) and Catherine de Valois ( - ), was born in 1430. He died on 1 November 1456. He and Margaret BEAUFORT had the following children:



Henry VII KING OF ENGLAND ( -1509). Henry married Elizabeth of York in 1486. He died in 1509.


6. James II KING OF SCOTLAND, son of James I KING OF SCOTLAND and Joan BEAUFORT, was born on 16 October 1430 in Holyrood. He died on 3 August 1460 in Roxburgh. He married Mary of Gueldres.


James II was just 6 years old when he succeeded to the throne following the murder of his father. He was nicknamed ¡®Fiery Face¡¯ after a large birthmark on his face.

He was crowned at Holyrood Abbey ending the tradition since Kenneth MacAlpin of crowning at Scone. During his minority three rival families, William Crichton of Edinburgh, Alexander Livingstone of Stirling and William Douglas, fought for control. When James took over power of king he had Livingstone arrested, and is said to have personally killed William Earl of Douglas when he invited him in February 1452 for negotiations at Stirling castle.

Having taken control of the warring factions, James created new earldoms and set about organising central government and introduced central taxation. The University of Glasgow was founded in 1451.

He successfully played the Lancastrians and Yorkists in England against each other, and in 1460 besieged Roxburgh with a large army and iron cannons newly imported from Flanders. Standing too close to a cannon which exploded he was fatally struck and killed by flying metal.


Mary of Gueldres and James II KING OF SCOTLAND had the following children:



James III KING OF SCOTLAND (1460-1488). James was born on 3 August 1460. He died on 11 June 1488.


Mary ( - )


7. John STEWART, son of Sir James STEWART and Joan BEAUFORT, was born circa 1440. He had the title '1st Earl of Athol'. He married Eleanor SINCLAIR on 19 April 1475 in Dunkeld Cathedral. He died on 15 September 1512 in Laighwood, Perth. He was buried in Dunkeld Cathedral. He married Betarix (Margaret) DOUGLAS.


Betarix (Margaret) DOUGLAS, daughter of Archibald Douglas, 5th Earl of Douglas ( - ), died in 1475.


Eleanor SINCLAIR, daughter of William Sinclair, 3rd Earl of Orkney, Earl of CAITHNESS ( - ) and Marjory SUTHERLAND ( - ), died in 1518.


8. Sir James STEWART 1st Earl of Buchan, son of Sir James STEWART and Joan BEAUFORT, was born in 1442. He had the title '1st Earl of Buchan (of the third creation)'. He died in 1499. He married Margaret OGILVIE. He married Margaret MURRAY.


Sir James "Hearty James" Stewart, 1st Earl of Buchan of the third creation (1442-1499), the second son of Sir James Stewart, "the Black Knight of Lorne," by Joan Beaufort the widow of James I of Scotland. He was a younger half-brother of James II of Scotland and Margaret of Scotland, first wife of Louis XI of France. He was also a younger brother of John Stewart, 1st Earl of Atholl.

By 1466, James married Margaret Ogilvie, the heiress of Sir Alexander Ogilvie of Auchterhouse. They were parents to two children, Alexander Stewart, 2nd Earl of Buchan (d. 1505) and Isabel Stewart of Buchan. A mistress of James IV of Scotland. She may have been the mother of Lady Janet Stewart, who was in turn a mistress of Henry II of France.

In 1467, James III of Scotland, granted to his uncle and his wife the lands of the Baronies of Strathalva and Down, with the Castle of Banff, and the fishings of the water of River Deveron. In 1469, James III conferred the Earldom of Buchan on James Stewart. James took the titles of Earl of Buchan and Lord Auchterhouse. James III gave Traquair House and all its lands to his favourite, Robert Boyd, 1st Lord Boyd. Then a few years later to his "Master of Music" who in turn sold it on to the King's uncle the Earl of Buchan for the equivalent today of a few pounds. When the southern barons entered into a conspiracy against the King, the Earl of Buchan naturally remained loyal. The King crossed the Forth, and passed into the north-eastern counties, where a strong force rallied round him. He then marched southward, and came in sight of the rebellious barons at Blackness in West Lothian, and the Earl of Buchan attacked and drove back the left wing of the insurgent army.

Negotiations were opened, and the Earl of Buchan insisted on severe measures against the insurgent nobles; but George Gordon, 2nd Earl of Huntly and William Hay, 3rd Earl of Erroll were opposed to this, and they retired to the north. It was evident, however, that Buchan’s view was right. A pacification was arranged in May, 1488, in which the barons promised to return to their allegiance and maintain the rights of the Crown and the peace of the kingdom; and thereupon the King disbanded his army and returned to Edinburgh.

James Stewart had several illegitimate children with his mistress Margaret Murray (b. abt 1446), many of which were later legitimized by a royal charter issued in 1488-1489, James Stewart, 1st Laird of Traquair (1480-1513) and Agnes Stewart (married first Adam Hepburn, 2nd Earl of Bothwell, secondly Alexander Home, 3rd Lord Home and thirdly Robert Maxwell, 4th Lord Maxwell). Like her half-sister, Isobel, Agnes was the mistress of King James IV of Scotland, and was probably the mother of Lady Janet Stewart. She died in February, 1557.

The Earl of Buchan died in 1499, and was succeeded by his son, Alexander.


Margaret OGILVIE was the daughter of Sir Alexander OGILVIE of Auchterhouse ( - ). She and James STEWART had the following children:



Alexander STEWART ( -1505). Alexander had the title '2nd Earl of Buchan'. He/she died in 1505.


Isobel STEWART ( - )


Margaret MURRAY, daughter of Patrick MURRAY of Philiphaugh ( - ), was born circa 1446. She and James STEWART had the following children:



James STEWART (1480-1513). James was born in 1480. He had the title '1st Baron (Laird) of Traquhair'. He married Catherine RUTHERFORD on 9 November 1505. He died on 9 September 1513 in Battle of Flodden.


Agnes STEWART ( -1557). Agnes died in February 1557.