Isabel ARAGON (1243-1271)

1. Isabel de ARAGON was born in 1243. She died on [Julian] 28 January 1271. She married Philippe III ROI DE FRANCE.


Philippe III ROI DE FRANCE, son of Louis IX ROI DE FRANCE (1215-1270) and Marguerite de Provence (1221-1295), was born on [Julian] 1 May 1245. He had the title 'Roi de France'. He died on [Julian] 5 October 1285. He and Isabel de ARAGON had the following children:



Philippe IV ROI DE FRANCE (c. 1268-1314)

Second Generation

2. King Philippe IV ROI DE FRANCE, son of Philippe III ROI DE FRANCE and Isabel de ARAGON, was born circa 1268. He had the title 'Roi de France'. He appeared in the census. He died on [Julian] 29 November 1314. He married Jeanne I (of Navarre).


Philip's enemy the Bishop of Pamiers memorably said of him "he is neither a man nor a beast, but a statue." He is most famous for his destruction of the Knights Templar; what is not widely known is that the Templar Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, was Queen Isabella's godfather. De Molay was burned alive on 18 March 1314, on an island in the Seine, in Paris. Supposedly, he cursed Philip IV and Pope Clement V, who had aided Philip in the Templars' destruction, and summoned them to appear before God within a year. Clement V died a month and two days later. Philip IV himself was dead before the year was out.

He died while hunting on 29 November 1314, aged only forty-six, after a reign of twenty-nine years.


Queen Jeanne I (of Navarre), daughter of King Enrique I (III) ( -1271) and Blanche D'ARTOIS (aft1245-1302), was born circa 1271. She had the title 'Reina de Navarre'. She appeared in the census. She died on [Julian] 2 April 1305. She and Philippe IV ROI DE FRANCE had the following children:



Isabelle de France (aft1292- )

Third Generation

3. Isabelle de France, daughter of King Philippe IV ROI DE FRANCE and Queen Jeanne I (of Navarre), was born between 1292 and 1295. She married Edward II KING OF ENGLAND.


Edward II KING OF ENGLAND of Caernarfon, son of Edward I KING OF ENGLAND (1239-1307) and Eleanor of Castile (1240-1290), was born on [Julian] 25 April 1284. He had the title 'King of England'. He died on [Julian] 21 September 1327. He and Isabelle de France had the following children:



Edward III KING OF ENGLAND (1312-1377). Edward was born on 13 November 1312. He had the title 'King of England'. He died in 1377.