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Roger DE MORAVIA (c. 1321-1350)

1. Roger DE MORAVIA, son of Archibald DE MORAVIA (c. 1280-bef1321), was born circa 1321. He died on 1 January 1350.


Roger de Moravia in 1321 obtained from James, Lord Douglas, superior of his lands, a charter, "Terrarum de Fala". The estate, designated "Falahill", for many years was the chief title of the family. Roger died in 1330 (earlier editions of Burke's Landed Gentry say 1380). He was succeeded by his great-grandson B132 Patrick Murray of Falahill.


Roger DE MORAVIA had the following children:



Alexander DE MORAVIA ( -1380)

Second Generation

2. Alexander DE MORAVIA, son of Roger DE MORAVIA, was born. He died on 1 January 1380.


Alexander DE MORAVIA had the following children:



Patrick MURRAY ( -1413)

Third Generation

3. Patrick MURRAY, son of Alexander DE MORAVIA, died on 1 January 1413.


... of Falahill. Patrick Murray of Falahill, acquiring land about Philiphaugh, had a charter dated February 20, 1477; died at the close of the 15th century. Succeeded by his son B133 John Murray of Falahill.


Patrick MURRAY had the following children:



John MURRAY ( -1477). John died on 20 February 1477.


Margaret MURRAY ( - )