Argotta SICAMBRIA (c. 376-c. 419)

1. Argotta SICAMBRIA was born circa 0376. She married Faramond FROTMUNDSON ISRAAL in 0394. She died circa 0419.


Faramond FROTMUNDSON ISRAAL, son of Frotmund THE GRAIL KING (FISHER KING) (c. 350- ) and Hatilde PRINCESS OF THE FRANKS ( - ), was born circa 0370. He died in 0427. He and Argotta SICAMBRIA had the following children:



Frotmund FARNUNDSON ( - )

Second Generation

2. Frotmund FARNUNDSON was the son of Faramond FROTMUNDSON ISRAAL and Argotta SICAMBRIA.


Frotmund FARNUNDSON had the following children:



Comets De Toulouse Del Acqs ( - )

Third Generation

3. Comets De Toulouse Del Acqs was the son of Frotmund FARNUNDSON.


Comets De Toulouse Del Acqs had the following children:



Dronning Vivianne, Avallon Del Acqs ( - )