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unk WALLER ( - )

1. unk WALLER, son of Richard WALLER (bef1690- ) and Jane PIKE ( - ), married unk UNK.


unk UNK and unk WALLER had the following children:



William WALLER (bef1759- )

Second Generation

2. William WALLER, son of unk WALLER and unk UNK, was born before 1759. He was an Ironmonger. He married Rebecca PRIOR on 2 February 1780 in Fareham.


Rebecca PRIOR and William WALLER had the following children:



Thomas WALLER (bef1786- )

Third Generation

3. Thomas WALLER, son of William WALLER and Rebecca PRIOR, was born before 1786. He was a Carpenter. He married Sarah BESWICK on 11 May 1807.


Sarah BESWICK was born in 1786. She died in 1786. She and Thomas WALLER had the following children:



Thomas Walter WALLER (1808-1872). Thomas was born in 1808 in Bursledon, Hampshire. He was a Cabinet Maker. He died on 10 February 1872. He was buried in Southampton Cemetery.