Sybil ( - )

1. Sybil Aelflaed of Northumbria married Duncan Mormaer of Atholl.


Duncan Mormaer of Atholl was born in 1001. He and Sybil Aelflaed of Northumbria had the following children:



Crinan (Grimus) MORMAER OF ATHOLL (c. 975-c. 1045)

Second Generation

2. Crinan (Grimus) MORMAER OF ATHOLL, son of Duncan Mormaer of Atholl and Sybil Aelflaed of Northumbria, was born circa 0975. He had the title 'Mormaer of Atholl, Abthane of Dule'. He married Bethoc (Beatrix) of Scotland circa 1000. He died circa 1045.


Steward of the Western Isles; Lay Abbot (Hereditary) of Dunkeld.


Bethoc (Beatrix) of Scotland was the daughter of Malcolm II of Alba KING OF SCOTLAND (c. 954-1034). She and Crinan (Grimus) MORMAER OF ATHOLL had the following children:



Duncan I KING OF SCOTLAND (c. 1001-1040)



Third Generation

3. Duncan I KING OF SCOTLAND, son of Crinan (Grimus) MORMAER OF ATHOLL and Bethoc (Beatrix) of Scotland, was born circa 1001. He died on [Julian] 14 August 1040 in Bothnagowan nr. Elgin. He married Sybilla of Northumbria.


Duncan I 'the Gracious', King of Scotland was the son of Crinan of Atholl, Mormaer of Atholl and Bethoc of Scotland. He was born circa 1001. He married Sybilla of Northumbria, daughter of Siward Digera, Earl of Northumbria and Elfleda, circa 1030. He died on 14 August 1040 at Pitgaveny, Elgin, Scotland, killed by a blow from Macbeth.He was also reported to have died on 14 October 1043 at Bothnagowan. He was buried at Isle of Iona, Scotland.

He gained the title of King Duncan of Strathclyde in 1018. He succeeded to the title of King Duncan I of Scotland on 25 November 1034

Duncan was the son of Malcolm II's eldest daughter Bethoc and her husband Crinan, Lay Abbot of Dunkeld. He was about 33 when he succeeded his grandfather. Married to a cousin of Siward, Earl of Northumberland, he may have favoured southern ways and this is perhaps why he became unpopular with his subjects.

He was not the best tactician and in 1038 he marched south to besiege Durham but he was beaten off, with heavy losses. Duncan attempted to impose his over lordship over Moray (an independent dynasty) by military force. He was then twice defeated by the Earl of Orkney's son, Thorfinn, before being killed in battle by Macbeth, one of his commanders, near Elgin, Morayshire on 14 August 1040 and is at rest with other Scottish in Iona.

William Shakespeare based his play, Macbeth, one of his greatest tragedies, upon a distorted version of these events which he found in Raphael Holinshed's 'Chronicle of Scottish History.' The only kernel of historical truth in the play is Duncan's death at the hand of Macbeth. From this fact, Shakespeare drew his portrait of ambition leading to a violent and tragic end.


Sybilla of Northumbria was the daughter of Earl Siward DIGERA ( - ) and Elfleda ( - ). She and Duncan I KING OF SCOTLAND had the following children:



Malcolm III KING OF SCOTLAND (c. 1031-1093). Malcolm was born circa 1031. He died on [Julian] 13 November 1093.


Margaret of Scotland ( - )




4. Maldred MORMAER OF ATHOLL (also known as Maldred (Lord Allerdale) of Scotland), son of Crinan (Grimus) MORMAER OF ATHOLL and Bethoc (Beatrix) of Scotland, married Edith.


Edith was the daughter of Uchtred EARL OF NORTHUMBERLAND ( - ) and Aelgifu ( - ). She and Maldred MORMAER OF ATHOLL had the following children:



Gospatrick EARL OF NORTHUMBERLAND (1048-1072). Gospatrick was born in 1048. He died on 15 December 1072.