Alleine GILDEA ( -1941)

1. Alleine Frederica Florinda GILDEA died on 2 July 1941. She married James Robert ERSKINE-MURRAY.


James Robert ERSKINE-MURRAY, son of Alexander ERSKINE-MURRAY of Aberdona (1832-1907) and Helen PRINGLE ( -1913), was born on 24 October 1868. He was an Airman. He and Alleine Frederica Florinda GILDEA had the following children:



James Alastair Frederick Campbell ERSKINE-MURRAY (1902-1973)

Second Generation

2. James Alastair Frederick Campbell ERSKINE-MURRAY, son of James Robert ERSKINE-MURRAY and Alleine Frederica Florinda GILDEA, was born on 23 July 1902. He had the title '13th Lord Elibank'. He died in 1973.


Served in the Highland Light Infantry in Turkey, Egypt and India. Saw service in the Second World War. Succeded to the title in 1962.