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Ursula FARMER ( - )

1. Ursula FARMER (also known as Ursula FERMOR), daughter of Sir Richard FARMER of Easton Neston, Northamp ( - ) and Anne BROWNE ( - ), married Richard FIENNES circa 1550.


... of Easton Neston, Northants.


Sir Richard FIENNES 6th Lord Saye and Sele, son of Sir Edward FIENNES (c. 1502-1529) and Margaret D'ANVERS (1504-aft1541), had the title '6th Lord Saye & Sele'. He died on 3 August 1573. He and Ursula FARMER had the following children:



Elizabeth FIENNES ( - )

Second Generation

2. Elizabeth FIENNES, daughter of Sir Richard FIENNES 6th Lord Saye and Sele and Ursula FARMER, married William TURPIN in 1636.


or Fynes. The family of this lady, important to the Hopkins ( and subsequently to the Badnall) families in showing a link confirming them as Founder's Kin to Winchester and New College, Oxford, was responsible for the later resuscitation of the name Fiennes in the Badnall and subsequently Wilson families.


Sir William TURPIN Baronet (also known as [unnamed person]) died. He and Elizabeth FIENNES had the following children:



Elizabeth TURPIN ( -bef1649)

Third Generation

3. Elizabeth TURPIN, daughter of Sir William TURPIN Baronet and Elizabeth FIENNES, died between 1640 and 1649. She married Henry BEAUMONT.


Sir Henry BEAUMONT of Stoughton Grange, Leics., Baronet (also known as [unnamed person]), son of Sir Thomas BEAUMONT of Stawton, Knyght (c. 1555-1614) and Katherine FARNHAM (1558-1621), was born in 1584. He died in April 1646. He was buried in Stoughton Church. He and Elizabeth TURPIN had the following children:



Thomas BEAUMONT (1608-1676). Thomas was born in 1608. He died on 11 August 1676.