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Otgiva ( - )

1. Otgiva de Luxembourg, daughter of Frederick I, Count of Luxembourg ( - ) and Ermentrude of Gleibur ( - ), married Baldwin IV KING OF FLANDERS.


Baldwin IV KING OF FLANDERS, son of Arnulf II KING OF FLANDERS & ARTOIS (961-988) and Rosala of Ivrea (Italy) ( - ), was born in 0980. He was a King of Flanders. He died in 1035. He and Otgiva de Luxembourg had the following children:



Baldwin V KING OF FLANDERS (1012-1067)

Second Generation

2. Baldwin V KING OF FLANDERS, son of Baldwin IV KING OF FLANDERS and Otgiva de Luxembourg, was born in 1012. He was a King of Flanders. He died in 1067. He married Alise of FRANCE.


Alise of FRANCE was the daughter of Robert II KING OF FRANCE ( - ). She and Baldwin V KING OF FLANDERS had the following children:



Matilda de Flandre (1032- )

Third Generation

3. Matilda de Flandre, daughter of Baldwin V KING OF FLANDERS and Alise of FRANCE, was born in 1032 in Flanders. She married William I KING OF ENGLAND in 1053 in Cathedrale Notre Dame d'Eu, Normandie.


William I KING OF ENGLAND, son of Robert I 6TH DUC DE NORMANDIE (999-1035) and Herleva de FALAISE (1003-c. 1050), was born circa [Julian] 1027. He died on [Julian] 9 September 1087. He and Matilda de Flandre had the following children:



Henry I KING OF ENGLAND (1068-1135). Henry was born in [Julian] September 1068. He married Editha of Scotland on [Julian] 11 November 1100. He married Adeliza of Louvain on 2 February 1121. He died on [Julian] 1 December 1135. He was buried in Westminster Abbey.


Adela of England ( - )