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1. Ogan PRINSESSE AV NORTHUMBERLAND, daughter of Nobrii KING OF NORTHUMBERLAND (504- ), was born in 0530. She married Valdar Hroarson.


Valdar Hroarson, son of Hroar HALFDANSON (526- ) and Ogne Princess of Northumberland (c. 530- ), was born in 0547. He and Ogan PRINSESSE AV NORTHUMBERLAND had the following children:



Harald VALDARSSON (568-589)

Second Generation

2. Harald VALDARSSON, son of Valdar Hroarson and Ogan PRINSESSE AV NORTHUMBERLAND, was born in 0568. He died in 0589. He married Hildur Heidreksdatter.


Hildur Heidreksdatter was the daughter of Heidrek Ulfhamr ANGANTYRSSON (552- ) and Amfleda den Yngre ( - ). She and Harald VALDARSSON had the following children:



Halfdan Snjalle KING OF SWEDEN (590-650)

Third Generation

3. Halfdan Snjalle KING OF SWEDEN, son of Harald VALDARSSON and Hildur Heidreksdatter, was born in 0590. He died in 0650. He married Moalda Digre Kinriksdotter.


Moalda Digre Kinriksdotter was born in 0594. She and Halfdan Snjalle KING OF SWEDEN had the following children:



Ivar Vidfarne KING OF SWEDEN (612-647). Ivar was born in 0612. He died in 0647.