Strark ALUDREGN AV NORGE (408- )

1. Strark ALUDREGN AV NORGE was born in 0408. He married Alfhild FINNALFSDATTER.


Alfhild FINNALFSDATTER was born in 0412. She and Strark ALUDREGN AV NORGE had the following children:



Bauggerd Starksdatter (432- )

Second Generation

2. Bauggerd Starksdatter, daughter of Strark ALUDREGN AV NORGE and Alfhild FINNALFSDATTER, was born in 0432 in Norway. She married Grim Hergrimsson.


Grim Hergrimsson, son of Hergrim ARNGRIMSSON (410- ) and Ogn ( - ), was born in 0428. He and Bauggerd Starksdatter had the following children:



Arngrim Berserkur GRIMSSON (452- )

Third Generation

3. Arngrim Berserkur GRIMSSON, son of Grim Hergrimsson and Bauggerd Starksdatter, was born in 0452. He married Eyfuru SVAFLAMASDATTER.


Eyfuru SVAFLAMASDATTER was born in 0454. She and Arngrim Berserkur GRIMSSON had the following children:



Angantyr ARNGRIMSSON (472- ). Angantyr was born in 0472.