Strada ( - )

1. Strada the Fair married Coel KING OF COLCHESTER.




Coel KING OF COLCHESTER, son of Cadfain KING OF BRITAIN ( - ) and Gwladys PRINCESS OF BRITAIN ( - ), was born circa 0205. He died after 0248. He and Strada the Fair had the following children:



Cunedd KING OF BRITAIN ( - )


Elaine ( - )

Second Generation

2. Cunedd KING OF BRITAIN, son of Coel KING OF COLCHESTER and Strada the Fair, married Gwawl.


Cunedd, king of the British, flourished circa 300, brother of St. Helena [Elaine], empress.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Authorian Legends, Ronan Coghlan, 1995, Barnes & Noble Books with Element Books, New York, p. 82, it reads, "Cunneda: A ruler of the Votadini in North Britain who migrated with a number of his subjects to Wales round about AD 430. He rid a large part of Wales of Irish settlers. His pedigree suggests that his was a Roman family in origin, running as follows: Tacitus-Patermus-Aetemus-Cunedda. According to Brut y Brenhinedd, a medieval Welsh History, Cunedda's daughter, Gwen, was the mother of Eigyr (Igraine), Arthur's mother, thus making Cunedda Arthur's great-great grandfather. Cunedda may have married Gwawl, daughter of Coel.".


Gwawl and Cunedd KING OF BRITAIN had the following children:



Confer KING OF BRITAIN ( - )


3. Elaine was the daughter of Coel KING OF COLCHESTER and Strada the Fair.

Third Generation

4. Confer KING OF BRITAIN was the son of Cunedd KING OF BRITAIN and Gwawl.


... of Strathclyde.


Confer KING OF BRITAIN had the following children: