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Donada ( - )

1. Donada, daughter of Malcolm II of Alba KING OF SCOTLAND (c. 954-1034), married Finlaec Mormaer of Moray.


Finlaec Mormaer of Moray and Donada had the following children:



Macbeth KING OF SCOTS ( -1057)

Second Generation

2. Macbeth KING OF SCOTS, son of Finlaec Mormaer of Moray and Donada, died in 1057. He married Gruoch.


reigned from 1040-57; m. GRUOCH, widow of Gillacomgan and dau. of BODE, son of KENNETH III. His kingdom seems to have been confined to the country south and west of the Tay, Thorfinn ruling over the rest. He was slain by MALCOLM, son of DUNCAN I, at Lumphanan, Aberdeenshire, 15 Aug. 1057.


Gruoch was the daughter of Boite ( - ).