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Godgifu ( - )

1. Godgifu (also known as Godgifu PRINCESS OF ENGLAND and Goda), daughter of Athelred II The Unready KING OF THE ENGLISH (978-1016) and Emma de Normandie (986-1052), married Eustace II, Gernobadatus EARL (COUNT) OF BOLOINE.


Eustace II, Gernobadatus EARL (COUNT) OF BOLOINE, son of Eustache I de Boulogne (c. 1004-1049) and Mathilde (Maud MAHAUT) VON LOWEN (c. 1006-1046), was born circa 1030 in Boulogne. He died in 1087. He married Ida von Niederlothringen (of Moselle & Lorraine) in December 1093.