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Aelgifu ( - )

1. Aelgifu, daughter of Athelred II The Unready KING OF THE ENGLISH (978-1016) and Aelflyd of Northumbria ( -bef996), married Uchtred EARL OF NORTHUMBERLAND.


Uchtred EARL OF NORTHUMBERLAND and Aelgifu had the following children:



Edith ( - )

Second Generation

2. Edith, daughter of Uchtred EARL OF NORTHUMBERLAND and Aelgifu, married Maldred MORMAER OF ATHOLL.


Maldred MORMAER OF ATHOLL (also known as Maldred (Lord Allerdale) of Scotland) was the son of Crinan (Grimus) MORMAER OF ATHOLL (c. 975-c. 1045) and Bethoc (Beatrix) of Scotland ( - ). He and Edith had the following children:



Gospatrick EARL OF NORTHUMBERLAND (1048-1072)

Third Generation

3. Gospatrick EARL OF NORTHUMBERLAND, son of Maldred MORMAER OF ATHOLL and Edith, was born in 1048. He died on 15 December 1072.


Gospatrick EARL OF NORTHUMBERLAND had the following children:



Gospatrick, 2nd Earl of Dunbar ( -1138). Gospatrick, died in 1138.