Margaret SANDILANDS ( - )

1. Margaret SANDILANDS married Laurence OLIPHANT.


Sir Laurence OLIPHANT, son of Colin OLIPHANT ( -1513) and Elizabeth KEITH of Marischal ( - ), had the title '3rd Lord Oliphant'. He died in 1566. He and Margaret SANDILANDS had the following children:



Catherine OLIPHANT ( - )

Second Generation

2. Catherine OLIPHANT, daughter of Sir Laurence OLIPHANT and Margaret SANDILANDS, married George DUNDAS.


Sir George DUNDAS, son of Sir James DUNDAS ( -1553) and of Calder Margaret SANDILANDS ( - ), had the title '17th of Dundas'. He and Catherine OLIPHANT had the following children:



James DUNDAS ( -1628)

Third Generation

3. Sir James DUNDAS of Arniston, son of Sir George DUNDAS and Catherine OLIPHANT, had the title '1st Lord Arniston'. He appeared in the census. He was a Member of Parliament, Governor of Berwick. He died in 1628.


James Dundas was born in 1570, the son of George Dundas (the 16th Laird of the Dundas Estate) and his wife, Katharine Oliphant.

He was Member of Parliament for Edinburgh, and Governor of Berwick.

He was the first of the Dundas family to own the Arniston estate after his father purchased it for him.

Knighted by James VI and I. Governor of Berwick. M.P. for Midlothian 1612-1625.
Ratification in favour of Sir James Dundas [of Arniston]. Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament, understanding that the kirk of Borthwick being ruinous and that part thereof called the vestry being decayed, and that the ministers of the exercise of Dalkeith, being convened to use the said kirk with the gentlemen and parishioners of the said parish of Borthwick, they find the best means for repairing of the said kirk and upholding of the said vestry to be the disposition of the same vestry to some gentleman of the said parish for a burial place, the same serving for no other use and, therefore, the said vestry with all their consent was conveyed to Sir James Dundas of Arniston, knight, one of the said parishioners, to be a burial place for him and his posterity, as the act and security made thereupon with consent of the provincial assembly of Lothian more fully purports; and that according to the agreement and condition made relating thereto, the said Sir James furnished the charges and expenses in repairing of the said kirk, as is clearly understood to his highness and estates foresaid; therefore his majesty and his said estates have ratified and approved and, by this act, ratify and approve the right and security made to the said Sir James Dundas by the said parishioners and presbytery of the said vestry for the burial of him and his said posterity in all time coming, in the whole heads, clauses and conditions thereof, and decree and ordain the same to be sufficient right and security to the said Sir James, his heirs and successors for possessing and enjoying of the said vestry and burial place foresaid in all time coming, according to the rights and securities above-specified made to him thereupon in all points.
Married 1st: Dame Katharine Douglas (died 1615), daughter of Sir George Douglas, of Parkhead, later of Torthorwald
the following children were born of this union:
1. George Dundas, died without issue
2. James Dundas. Family records state that he died without lawful issue.
There was obviously a difficulty between Sir James Dundas and his son which can be seen from a letter written by Katharine Douglas to Walter Dundas, a copy of which can be found at the Scottish Archives under ref GD75/578: "Letter from Katherine Douglass, jspouse of Sir James Dundas of Arniston, to Sir Walter Dundas, laird Dundass, asking that he will aid her son, because of "the misliking quhilk my husband hes consaviet this lang time touarts his sone, quhilk is maist unnatraill, and dayly incresis", with counsell, "till it pleis God to wirk in his father's hart that he may sum day be satled". She dares not say more "bot I cannot be ansuerable befoir God and not dischairg ane deuty to may auin barne".
A further letter from Sir James Dundas of Arniston to Walter Dundas, ref:GD75/579: ""my foolisch sone is over the watter ... I think he shall be returnit this Monday" and asking for advice"

RH4/191: 1612 Apr 28 Disposition by William Oliphant to James Dundas, son and apparent heir to Sir James Dundas of Arniston, of the tacks and teinds of the lands of Birkensyde

RH4/191: National Archives of Scotland 16/6/1615: "Renunciation by Sir James Dundas, eldest son of Sir James Dundas of Arnistoun, in favour of his father of his right to the Maynes of Arnistoun".
It is interesting to note that James' mother died in 1615, which is when James renounced the rights to Arniston

RH4/191 National Archives of Scotland 28/4/1612: "Disposition by William Oliphant to James Dundas, son and apparent heir to Sir James Dundas of Arniston, of the tacks and teinds of the lands of Birkensyde"

There is an epitaph for The Laird of Arnestoun the younger, dated 1617. I am unsure whether this was for James or for his elder brother George. See

Although not yet proven, it is possible that the James Dundas who went to Ireland and who is shown on the Muster Roll of 1631 in Co. Fermanagh, (Devenish parish), under Sir John Hume's men and arms, could have been James Dundas, younger of Arniston, or even a son of his.

3. Nicolas Dundas (female) born 1607
4. Elizabeth Dundas married 1617 Sir Patrick Murray of Elibank and had issue: Patrick, Lord Elibank
5. Lilias Dundas married Alexander Hume of North Berwick the son of David Hume, who was brother of Sir John Hume who acquired lands in Co. Fermanagh and built Tully Castle.
6. Katherine Dundas married 1623 James Douglas son of Thomas Douglas of Stanypeth. (Scottish Archives RH4/191 )
Married 2ndly: x 1619 Mary Hume (died 1661) daughter of Sir George Hume of Wedderburn and Jane Halden.
the following children were born of this union:
7. James Dundas
8. Robert Dundas of Harviestoun married Margaret Borthwick 8/4/1649 in Newbattle, Midlothian and had issue:


James DUNDAS had the following children:



Elizabeth DUNDAS ( -bef1627). Elizabeth married Patrick 1st MURRAY on [Julian] 24 January 1617. She died before 19 May 1627.