Patrick MURRAY of Philiphaugh ( - )

1. Patrick MURRAY of Philiphaugh has few details recorded about him.


... a distinguished family in the county of Selkirk.


Patrick MURRAY had the following children:



Margaret MURRAY (c. 1446- )

Second Generation

2. Margaret MURRAY, daughter of Patrick MURRAY of Philiphaugh, was born circa 1446. She married James STEWART.


Margaret Murray was James' mistress, but their children were subsequently legitimized by a royal charter issued in 1488-1489.


Sir James STEWART 1st Earl of Buchan, son of Sir James STEWART (1383-1451) and Joan BEAUFORT (bef1407-1445), was born in 1442. He had the title '1st Earl of Buchan (of the third creation)'. He died in 1499. He and Margaret MURRAY had the following children:



James STEWART (1480-1513)


Agnes STEWART ( -1557)

Third Generation

3. Sir James STEWART 1st of Traquhair, son of Sir James STEWART 1st Earl of Buchan and Margaret MURRAY, was born in 1480. He had the title '1st Baron (Laird) of Traquhair'. He married Catherine RUTHERFORD on 9 November 1505. He died on 9 September 1513 in Battle of Flodden.


James III gave Traquair and all its lands to his favourite; Robert Lord Boyd, then a few years later to his Master of Music who in turn sold it on to the King's uncle the Earl of Buchan for the equivalent today of a few pounds. Buchan's second (illegitimate?) son, James Stuart, became the first Laird of Traquair in 1491, and it is from him that the present family is decended.

Described at this time as the "turris et fortalicis de Trakware", it stood with walls averaging nearly 6 foot thick, and can still be seen at the North West corner of the house. James Stuart had plans to extend the tower, but he fell with his King at the Battle of Flodden Field in 1513.

"This James, being a man of great spirit and fortitude, accompanied King James IV to the fatal field of Flowdon, where he lost his life with his royal master, anno 1513".


Catherine RUTHERFORD was the daughter of Philip RUTHERFORD ( - ) and Elizabeth KERR ( - ). She and James STEWART had the following children:



William STEWART ( - ). William had the title '2nd Baron of Traquhair'.


4. Agnes STEWART, daughter of Sir James STEWART 1st Earl of Buchan and Margaret MURRAY, died in February 1557. She married Adam HEPBURN. She married Alexander HOME. She married Robert MAXWELL.


Agnes, as well as having three husbands, was (like her half-sister Isobel) the mistress of King James IV of Scotland, and was probably the mother of Lady Janet Stewart.


Adam HEPBURN had the title '2nd Earl of Bothwell'.


Alexander HOME had the title '3rd Lord Home'.


Robert MAXWELL had the title '4th Lord Maxwell'.