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Sir John STEWART ( -1580)

1. Sir John STEWART, child of Sir William STEWART 2nd of Traquhair ( - ) and Christian HAY ( - ), had the title '4th Baron of Traquair'. He/she died in 1580.


John was a man of great integrity and merit, and a steady friend of Queen Mary. He had the honour of knighthood conferred upon him at the creation of the Duke of Albany, and was Captain of her Majesty's Guards.

He was one of those who, with the Queen and her Privy Council, signed a protection to the Earl of Murray to appear before her Majesty, and discover the alledged conspiracy, 19th July 1565.

He was also one of those noble persons who entered into a bond or association, to stand by and defend Queen Mary against all mortals, anno 1568. He died without issue, and was succeeded by his brother William.

John was knighted at the time of Mary Queen of Scott's marriage to Henry, Lord Darnley, and was appointed Captain of the Queen's Guard. In 1566 following the murder of Rizzio and the conspiracy against the Queen, he was responsible for her flight to safety to Dunbar from Hollyrood Palace in Edinburgh. Later that year Sir John was host to Mary and Darnley and their baby son at Traquair during a hunting expedition. During this time of religious conflict Mass had to be celebrated in secret. A hidden escape was made for priests in case the suspicious authorities searched the house. The present chapel dates from the middle of the 19th century when at last the Catholic Emancipation Act enabled the family to worship openly.