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Maud BEAUCHAMP ( - )

1. Maud de BEAUCHAMP, daughter of Guy de BEAUCHAMP ( - ), married Geoffrey de SAY.


Geoffrey de SAY, son of Geoffrey de SAY ( -1322) and Idonea ( - ), died in 1359. He and Maud de BEAUCHAMP had the following children:



Joan de SAY ( - )

Second Generation

2. Joan de SAY, daughter of Geoffrey de SAY and Maud de BEAUCHAMP, married William FIENES on 12 November 1351 in Sawbridgeworth, Herts.. She married Stephen de VALENCE.


She was third daughter and coheir to her father and brother, afterwards married Stephen de Valence.


Sir William FIENES Kt., son of Sir John FIENES Kt. (c. 1301-1351) and Maud MONCEAUX ( - ), was born on [Julian] 2 February 1331 in Hurstmonceaux, Sussex. He died on 30 November 1359 in France. He and Joan de SAY had the following children:



William FIENES (1357-1402)

Third Generation

3. William FIENES, son of Sir William FIENES Kt. and Joan de SAY, was born in 1357. He was baptised on 1 August 1357 in Hurstmonceaux. He married Elizabeth BATISFORD circa 1382 in Wartling, Sussex. He died on [Julian] 18 January 1402. He was buried in Hurstmonceaux.


"only son and heir, Sheriff of Surrey and Sussex 1397 and 1399.


Elizabeth BATISFORD was the daughter of William BATISFORD ( - ). She and William FIENES had the following children:



James FIENES ( - ). James married Emmeline CRO(W)MER circa 1419 in Willingham, Cambridgeshire.