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Julian VERE ( - )

1. Julian de VERE married Walkelin MAMINOT.


Walkelin MAMINOT and Julian de VERE had the following children:



Lettice MAMINOT ( - )

Second Generation

2. Lettice MAMINOT, daughter of Walkelin MAMINOT and Julian de VERE, married Geoffrey de SAY.


Geoffrey de SAY, son of William de SAY ( - ) and Beatrix MANDEVILL ( -1201), died in 1215. He and Lettice MAMINOT had the following children:



Geoffrey de SAY ( -1230)

Third Generation

3. Geoffrey de SAY, son of Geoffrey de SAY and Lettice MAMINOT, died in 1230. He married Alice de CASINETO?.


Only son and heir, a Rebel Baron against King John.


Alice de CASINETO? (also known as Cheney) was the daughter of John de CASINETO? ( - ). She and Geoffrey de SAY had the following children:



William de SAY ( -1272). William had the title 'Lord of Berling'. He died in 1272.