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Arthur WILSON (1853- )

1. Arthur Henry WILSON, son of John WILSON of Seacroft Hall, co. Yorks (1808-1891) and Anna Maria Isabella MACLEOD ( -1903), was born on 24 April 1853. He married Alice Louisa WAINWRIGHT on 12 November 1885.


(Sandridge Park, Totnes).


Alice Louisa WAINWRIGHT was the daughter of George Drake WAINWRIGHT ( - ). She and Arthur Henry WILSON had the following children:



Gladys Sabine Fyers WILSON (1886-1935)

Second Generation

2. Gladys Sabine Fyers WILSON, daughter of Arthur Henry WILSON and Alice Louisa WAINWRIGHT, was born on 6 October 1886. She died on 1 May 1935.