William HARVEY (1805-1893)

1. William Francis HARVEY was born on 8 March 1805 in Portland Place, London. He married Mary Johanna MURRAY on 13 February 1849. He died on 23 April 1893 in Purbrook, Hants..


... of Purbrook Heath House, Hants.


Mary Johanna MURRAY, daughter of Major General James Patrick 2 MURRAY (1782-1834) and Elizabeth RUSHWORTH (1783-1865), was born on 5 January 1810 in Merrion, Dublin. She married Andrew NEWTON on 14 July 1834 in Benowen. She died on 31 March 1875 in Purbrook. She and William Francis HARVEY had the following children:



Elizabeth Maria HARVEY (1850-1941)


Thomas William HARVEY (1852-1905)

Second Generation

2. Elizabeth Maria HARVEY, daughter of William Francis HARVEY and Mary Johanna MURRAY, was born in 1850. She died in 1941.


Mary Johanna married (for the second time) on 13th February 1849 Wm. F. Harvey of Purbrook Heath House in Hants. They had two children: the elder was Elizabeth Maria Harvey (known as 'Cousin Lizzie') born 1850 and died in 1941, and the younger Thomas William Harvey ( known as 'Cousin Tom') born 1852 and died 1905. Both lived together at Purbrook and when Lizzie died in1941, as they had no heirs, the house and its contents were left to their cousin Edward 'Ted' Murray.

In the Second World War Purbrook was requisitioned by the army who later introduced piped water and electricity. Fortunately for old cousin Lizzie she died in 1941 (at the age of 91) before she was forcibly made to move out of the house by the military. That would have broken her heart. The property played a small but important part in the planning of the 'D' Day landings. The adjoining larger property of Southwick House, owned by the Thistlethwaites family became General Eisenhower's headquarters and Purbrook Heath House was the signals head-quarters.

On her death, Lizzie left Purbrook and its contents in her will to Edward Rushforth Blakiston Murray. As it was wartime, he never took up residence, intending to move in after the war was over. Tragically he was killed in the air raids on Bath in 1942 . He in turn left the property to his elder son James Patrick Murray, with a smaller part of the cash equally to his other children Thomas and Elizabeth.


3. Thomas William HARVEY, son of William Francis HARVEY and Mary Johanna MURRAY, was born on 3 July 1852. He died on 19 March 1905 in Purbrook, Hants..