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Blanche ARTOIS (c. 1250-1302)

1. Blanche of ARTOIS, daughter of Robert I, Count of Artois (1216-1249) and Matilda of BRABANT (c. 1225-1288), was born circa 1250. She married Henry KING OF NAVARRE in 1269. She died on 2 May 1302. She married Edmund, 1st Earl of Lancaster.


Blanche was first married to Blanche Henry I "the Fat" of Navarre, son of Theobald I of Navarre and Margaret de Bourbon, in 1269.


Henry KING OF NAVARRE was born circa 1244. He died on 22 July 1274. He and Blanche of ARTOIS had the following children:



Jeanne of Navarre (1271- )


Edmund, 1st Earl of Lancaster, son of Henry III KING OF ENGLAND (1207-1272) and Eleanor de Provence ( - ), was born in 1245. He appeared in the census. He and Blanche of ARTOIS had the following children:



Henry PLANTAGENET (1281-1345)

Second Generation

2. Jeanne of Navarre, daughter of Henry KING OF NAVARRE and Blanche of ARTOIS, was born in [Julian] January 1271.


3. Henry PLANTAGENET, son of Edmund, 1st Earl of Lancaster and Blanche of ARTOIS, was born in 1281. He had the title '3rd Earl of Lancaster'. He died on 25 March 1345. He married Maud CHAWORTH.


Henry Plantagenet, 3rd Earl of Lancaster (1281 ?March 25, 1345) was an English nobleman, one of the principals behind the deposition of Edward II.

He was the younger son of Blanche of Artois and Edmund Crouchback, 1st Earl of Lancaster, Earl of Leicester, who was a son of Henry III of England and Eleanor of Provence.

Henry's elder brother Thomas, 2nd Earl of Lancaster succeeded their father in 1296, but Henry was summoned to Parliament on February 6, 1298/99 by writ directed Henrico de Lancastre nepoti Regis, by which he is held to have become Lord Lancaster. He took part in the siege of Carlaverock in July 1300.

Thomas was convicted of treason, executed and his lands and titles forfeited in 1322. But Henry, who had not participated in his brother's rebellion, petitioned for his brother's lands and titles, and on March 29, 1324 he was invested as Earl of Leicester, and a few years later the earldom of Lancaster was also restored to him.

On the Queen’s return to England with Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March in September 1326, Henry joined her party against Edward II, which led to a general desertion of the king’s cause and overturned the power of Hugh le Despenser, 1st Earl of Winchester and his namesake son Hugh the younger Despenser. He was sent in pursuit and captured the king at Neath. He was appointed to take charge of the King, and was responsible for his custody at Kenilworth Castle.

After Edward II's death Henry was appointed guardian of the new king Edward III of England, and was also appointed captain-general of all the King's forces in the Scottish marches.

In about the year 1330, he became blind.

He was succeeded as Earl of Lancaster and Leicester by his eldest son, Henry of Grosmont, who subsequently became Duke of Lancaster.

He married once, to Maud Chaworth, before 2 March 1296/1297. (Some references claim he married Alix de Joinville, but she in fact married Henry's brother John.) With Maud he had seven children:

* Henry of Grosmont, 1st Duke of Lancaster, (about 1300-1360/61)
* Blanche of Lancaster, (about 1305 - 1380)
* Maud of Lancaster, (about 1310-1377)
* Joan of Lancaster, (about 1312-1345)
* Isabel of Lancaster, Abbess of Ambresbury, (about 1317-after 1347)
* Eleanor of Lancaster, (about 1318-1371/72)
* Mary of Lancaster, (about 1320-1362), who married Henry, 3rd Baron Percy and was the mother of Henry Percy, 1st Earl of Northumberland.


Maud CHAWORTH was the daughter of Sir Patrick CHAWORTH Kt ( - ). She and Henry PLANTAGENET had the following children:





Eleanor PLANTAGENET (aft1311-1372)

Third Generation

4. Lady Mary PLANTAGENET, daughter of Henry PLANTAGENET and Maud CHAWORTH, married Henry, 3rd Lord Percy of Alnwick.


Henry, 3rd Lord Percy of Alnwick was the son of Henry, 2nd Lord Percy of Alnwick (1300- ) and Idonia de CLIFFORD (c. 1300-1365). He and Mary PLANTAGENET had the following children:



Henry PERCY (1341-1408). Henry was born on 10 November 1341. He had the title '1st Earl of Northumberland'. He was killed at the Battle of Branham Moor.


5. Lady Eleanor PLANTAGENET, daughter of Henry PLANTAGENET and Maud CHAWORTH, was born between 1311 and 1316. She married John BEAUMONT before 1337. She married Richard Fitzalan, 10th Earl of Arundel on 5 February 1345 in Ditton Church, Stoke Poges, Bucks.. She died on 11 January 1372.


John BEAUMONT, son of Henry de BEAUMONT ( -1340) and Alicia COMYN ( - ), had the title '2nd Lord'. He and Eleanor PLANTAGENET had the following children:



Henry BEAUMONT (c. 1339-1369). Henry was born circa 1339. He died on 25 July 1369.


Richard Fitzalan, 10th Earl of Arundel, son of Edmund FitzAlan, 9th Earl of Arundel (1285-1326) and Alice WARENNE ( - ), was born circa 1307. He died on 24 January 1376. He was buried in Lewes Priory, Sussex. He and Eleanor PLANTAGENET had the following children:



Richard Fitzalan, 11th Earl of Arundel (1346-1397). Richard was born in 1346. He married Elizabeth de Bohun on 28 September 1359. He died on 21 September 1397.