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Margaret (1202-1280)

1. Margaret of Hainault, daughter of Baldwin VI, Count of Hainault ( - ), was born in 1202. She died in 1280. She married Bouchard d'Avesnes.


Archdeacon Bouchard d'Avesnes, son of Jacques D'AVESNES (1150-1191), was born in 1180. He was a Clergyman, Archdeacon of Laon. He died in 1244. He and Margaret of Hainault had the following children:



Jean I d'Avesne (1218-1257)

Second Generation

2. Jean I d'Avesne, son of Archdeacon Bouchard d'Avesnes and Margaret of Hainault, was born in 1218. He died in 1257. He married Adelaide of Holland.


Adelaide of Holland was the daughter of Florent IV, Count of Holland and Zeeland (1210- ) and Matilda of BRABANT (c. 1225-1288). She and Jean I d'Avesne had the following children:



Jean II d'Avesne (1247- )

Third Generation

3. Jean II d'Avesne, son of Jean I d'Avesne and Adelaide of Holland, was born in 1247. He married Philippa of Luxumbourg.


Philippa of Luxumbourg and Jean II d'Avesne had the following children:



William, Count of Holland and Hainault (1286- ). William, was born in 1286.