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Mary TUDOR (1496- )

1. Mary TUDOR, daughter of Henry VII KING OF ENGLAND ( -1509) and Elizabeth of York ( - ), was born in 1496. She married Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk.


Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, son of Sir William BRANDON ( - ) and Elizabeth BRUYN ( - ), was born in 1484. He died in 1545. He and Mary TUDOR had the following children:



Eleanor BRANDON (1519-1547)

Second Generation

2. Countess Eleanor BRANDON, daughter of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk and Mary TUDOR, was born in 1519. She married Henry CLIFFORD in June 1535. She died in 1547.


Henry CLIFFORD, son of Henry de CLIFFORD (1493-1542) and Margaret PERCY ( -1540), was born in 1517. He had the title '12th Lord Clifford, 2nd Earl of Cumberland'. He married Anne DACRE in 1554. He died on 8 January 1570. He and Eleanor BRANDON had the following children:



Margaret CLIFFORD ( - )

Third Generation

3. Lady Margaret CLIFFORD was the daughter of Henry CLIFFORD and Countess Eleanor BRANDON.


This lady, the only surviving child of Henry Clifford and Eleanor, was by many regarded as having had a greater claim to the English throne than Queen Elizabeth. At Queen Mary Tudor's marriage to Philip II in 1554 Margaret had been her only female relative present and so through her was linked with the two greatest continental rulers, Charles and his heir Philip.