Robert RICH ( - )

1. Robert RICH had the title '1st Earl of Warwick'. He married Countess of Warwick.


Countess of Warwick and Robert RICH had the following children:



Penelope RICH (1690-1613)

Second Generation

2. Penelope RICH, daughter of Robert RICH and Countess of Warwick, died in 1613. She was born in 1690. She married Gervase CLIFTON.


Sir Gervase CLIFTON Baronet, son of George CLIFTON (c. 1567-1588) and Wynyfride THOROLD ( - ), was born circa March 1588. He married Frances CLIFFORD on 7 September 1613. He died in 1666. He and Penelope RICH had the following children:



Gervase CLIFTON ( -1676)

Third Generation

3. Gervase CLIFTON Baronet, son of Sir Gervase CLIFTON Baronet and Penelope RICH, died on 14 January 1676. He married Sarah PUSEY.


Gervase, a youth of singular beauty and unfortunately of most wild disposition, who as "Mr. Clifton" nearly broke his father's heart, and finally after succeeding to the title in 1666, died without issue in 1676, "the wretched unfortunate, who was his father's greatest foil;".


Sarah PUSEY was the daughter of Timothy PUSEY of Selston ( - ).