Sir Robert FRANCIS of Foremark ( - )

1. Sir Robert FRANCIS of Foremark has few details recorded about him.


Robert FRANCIS had the following children:



Isabella FRANCIS ( -1457)

Second Generation

2. Isabella FRANCIS, daughter of Sir Robert FRANCIS of Foremark, died on 13 June 1457. She married Gervase CLIFTON.


Sir Gervase CLIFTON of Clifton and Hodsock was the son of John de CLIFTON ( -1403) and Catherine DE CRESSY ( - ). He and Isabella FRANCIS had the following children:



Robert CLIFTON ( -1478)

Third Generation

3. Sir Robert CLIFTON of Clifton and Hodsock, son of Sir Gervase CLIFTON of Clifton and Hodsock and Isabella FRANCIS, died on 9 April 1478. He married Alice BOTHE.


He was the founder of (not the) Clifton College. There is also a brass of Sir Robert in the Church of St. Mary, Clifton: the inscription reads - Orate pro anima Roberti Clyfton militis fundator trill capplor collegii in hac ecclia qui obiit nono die mensis Aprilis anno domini millimo CCCClxxviii cuius anime propiciet de amë.”

“Pray for the soul of Robert Clifton Knight founder of a College for three chantry priests in this church who died the ninth day of the month of April in the year of the Lord 1478 on whose soul may God have mercy.”.


Alice BOTHE, daughter of John BOOTH of Barton ( - ) and Joan TRAFFORD ( - ), had the title 'Lady Alice Clifton'. She died on 9 September 1470. She and Robert CLIFTON had the following children:



Gervase CLIFTON (c. 1438-1491). Gervase was born circa 1438 in Clifton, Nottinghamshire. He appeared in the census. He died on 12 May 1491.