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Margaret PIERREPONT ( - )

1. Margaret PIERREPONT, daughter of Sir Robert de PIERREPONT of Holm Pierrepont ( - ) and Sarah HERIZ ( - ), married Gervase de CLIFTON.


Gervase de CLIFTON, son of Sir Robert de CLIFTON ( -1327) and Emma de MOTON ( - ), was a Sheriff of Nottinghamshire (1344). He and Margaret PIERREPONT had the following children:



Robert de CLIFTON (1346- )

Second Generation

2. Sir Robert de CLIFTON, son of Gervase de CLIFTON and Margaret PIERREPONT, was born in 1346. He married Agnes GREY.


Agnes GREY was the daughter of unk GREY ( - ). She and Robert de CLIFTON had the following children:



John de CLIFTON ( -1403)

Third Generation

3. John de CLIFTON, son of Sir Robert de CLIFTON and Agnes GREY, was a Sheriff of Nottinghamshire. He died in 1403 in Shrewsbury. He married Catherine DE CRESSY.


A brief reference is made to Sir John Clifton in Shakespeare's Henry IV Part 1. In Act 5, Scene 4 Douglas casts doubt on King Henry's right to be king and the two fight. Prince Henry interupts them and Douglas flees at which point the Prince conveys the news that Sir Nicholas Gawsey and Sir John Clifton have sent requests for support.

Prince: Cheerly, my lord: how fares your Grace? Sir Nicholas Gawsey hath for succour sent, and so hath Clifton: I'll to Clifton straight.

K.Henry: Make up to Clifton: I'll to Sir Nicholas Gawsey.

Sir John Clifton died at the battle of Shrewsbury in 1403 where Henry IV defeated 'Hotspur' Percy. He fought on the King's side and was made Kt. Banneret on the battlefield.


Catherine DE CRESSY was the daughter of Sir John DE CRESSY of Hodsock ( - ). She and John de CLIFTON had the following children:



Gervase CLIFTON ( - )