Sybilla EWYAS ( - )

1. Sybilla de EWYAS married Roger CLIFFORD.


Sir Roger CLIFFORD, son of Walter CLIFFORD (1173-1221) and Agnes de Condet, Lady of Cavenby ( - ), died in December 1231. He was buried in Abbey Dore. He and Sybilla de EWYAS had the following children:



Roger CLIFFORD (1221-1285)

Second Generation

2. Sir Roger CLIFFORD, son of Sir Roger CLIFFORD and Sybilla de EWYAS, was born in 1221. He married Hawise de NEUFMARCHE in 1230. He died in 1285. He married Loretto.


( The House of Clifford, chapter 10). Succeeded his father as Lord of the Manors of Tenbury and Bruges (but still only a minor) In 1250 he accompanied Richard De Clare, Earl of Gloucester, on a pilgrimage to the shrine of St. James at Compostella in Spain. In 1255 he was made Lord of Mapledurham in Oxfordshire. But in 1262 he was forbidden to joust or appear in arms because of his part in urging the King to observe the Oxford Provisions. But at same time he was placed in command of royal castles of Ludgershall and Marlborough. He participated in the 1264-8 Baron's war against Henry III but reverted back to the King and left the other Baron's to take the consequences. Following the capture of Henry III and Prince Edward by Simon De Montfort in May 1264 Roger Clifford and his friend Roger De Leybourne engineered the Prince's escape from Hereford castle and they fought for the Prince at Evesham and librated the King. Roger was granted custody of all the forests south of the Trent and estates in Warwickshire and Leicestershire as well as the wardship and Married of one of the two Vipont sisters for his son. He was granted manor of Birmingham in 1266 and in 1270? he went on crusade with Prince Edward. On their return the now King Edward I appointed him sole justiciar of Wales to bring all of the Welsh under English law. Roger set about with severity and in 1282 David, brother of Prince Llywelyn, led a rising in which Roger Clifford was wounded and taken prisoner. He was liberated but died in or around 1285 from his wounds.


Loretto and Roger CLIFFORD had the following children:



Roger CLIFFORD (1248-1282)

Third Generation

3. Sir Roger CLIFFORD, son of Sir Roger CLIFFORD and Loretto, was born in 1248. He died on 6 November 1282 in Menai Straits, Anglesey. He married Isabel de VIPONT.


Isabel de VIPONT (also known as Lady of APPLEBY), daughter of Robert de VIPONT ( - ) and Isabel FITZJOHN ( - ), was born circa 1254. She and Roger CLIFFORD had the following children:



Robert, Lord CLIFFORD (1274-1314). Robert, was born in 1274. He had the title '1st Lord Clifford'. He married Maud de Clare on 13 November 1295. He died on 24 June 1314 in Battle of Bannockburn.