Lesseline ( - )

1. Lesseline de Harcourt married William HIESMES.


William HIESMES, son of Richard I of NORMANDY (933-996) and Gunnor DE CREPON (c. 936-1031), had the title '1st Count of Eu'. He and Lesseline de Harcourt had the following children:




Second Generation

2. Pons FITZWILLIAM, son of William HIESMES and Lesseline de Harcourt, married Basilia?.


Basilia? and Pons FITZWILLIAM had the following children:



Pons FITZPONS (c. 1034-bef1086)

Third Generation

3. Pons FITZPONS, son of Pons FITZWILLIAM and Basilia?, was born circa 1034. He died before 1086.


Pons FITZPONS had the following children:



Richard FITZPONS (1088-1129). Richard was born in 1088. He had the title 'Lord of Cantref Bychan'. He died in 1129.