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Agnes CONSTABLE (c. 1450- )

1. Agnes CONSTABLE, daughter of Robert CONSTABLE (c. 1418-1488) and Agnes WENTWORTH (c. 1414-c. 1456), was born circa 1450 in Flamborough, Yorkshire. She married Walter GRIFFITH.


Walter GRIFFITH and Agnes CONSTABLE had the following children:



Agnes GRIFFITH (c. 1463- )

Second Generation

2. Agnes GRIFFITH, daughter of Sir Walter GRIFFITH of Flamborough and Agnes CONSTABLE, was born circa 1463 in Burton Agnes, Yorkshire. She died in Clifton, Nottinghamshire. She married Gervase CLIFTON.


Sir Gervase CLIFTON, son of Sir Gervase CLIFTON of Clifton and Hodsock (c. 1438-1491) and Alice NEVILE (c. 1442- ), was born in Clifton. He died on 5 June 1508. He and Agnes GRIFFITH had the following children:



Robert CLIFTON ( -1518)

Third Generation

3. Robert CLIFTON of Clifton and Hodsock, son of Sir Gervase CLIFTON and Agnes GRIFFITH, died in 1518. He married Alice DIGBY. He married Anne CLIFFORD.


Anne CLIFFORD was the daughter of Henry de Clifford, 10th Lord ( - ). She and Robert CLIFTON had the following children:



Gervase (The Gentle) CLIFTON (1515-1588). Gervase was born on 26 March 1515. He married Mary (Maria) NEVILE on 17 January 1530. He died on 20 January 1588.