Marmaduke CONSTABLE ( - )

1. Marmaduke CONSTABLE married Elizabeth UNK.


Elizabeth UNK and Marmaduke CONSTABLE had the following children:



William CONSTABLE (c. 1295- )

Second Generation

2. William CONSTABLE, son of Marmaduke CONSTABLE and Elizabeth UNK, was born circa 1295 in Flamborough, Yorkshire. He married Joan FITZHUGH.


Joan FITZHUGH, daughter of William FITZHUGH ( - ), was born circa 1295. She and William CONSTABLE had the following children:



Robert CONSTABLE (c. 1317-bef1400)

Third Generation

3. Robert CONSTABLE, son of William CONSTABLE and Joan FITZHUGH, was born circa 1317 in Flamborough, Yorkshire. He died before 1400. He married Margaret SKIPWITH.


Margaret SKIPWITH, daughter of William SKIPWITH ( - ), was born circa 1317. She and Robert CONSTABLE had the following children:



Marmaduke CONSTABLE (c. 1340- ). Marmaduke was born circa 1340 in Flamborough.