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Thomas SMITH (1769-1859)

1. Thomas Lea SMITH, son of Daniel Lea SMITH (1747-1791) and Susannah INGHAM ( - ), was born in 1769. He was a Privateer, Ship-owner. He died on 19 October 1859 in Cluster Cottage, Warwick, Bermuda. He married Dorcas FRITH.


From "Bermuda Lore 1649-1900" by John Cox: TLS was a privateer ship-owner of some note. In his early career he was overtaken by American privateers and carried prisoner to New York where he fell in love with a young woman named Anne Chauncey. Despite the circumstances surrounding his confinement, he managed to entertain Miss Chancey in style because his captors never realised he had sewn up a hundred pounds of gold into his breeches! Later, he plundered a number of French ships during the Haiti uprisings. He also owned salt ponds in Turks Islands where he spent the summers raking and harvesting.