Hewesindis ( - )

1. Hewesindis married Graf Ricfris (Dodo) in de Betuwe.


Graf Ricfris (Dodo) in de Betuwe died before 0950. He and Hewesindis had the following children:



N.N. in de Betuwe ( - )

Second Generation

2. N.N. in de Betuwe, daughter of Graf Ricfris (Dodo) in de Betuwe and Hewesindis, married Lambert (Hugo?) von Lowen.


Lambert (Hugo?) von Lowen and N.N. in de Betuwe had the following children:



Adele von Lowen ( -961)

Third Generation

3. Adele von Lowen, daughter of Lambert (Hugo?) von Lowen and N.N. in de Betuwe, died in 0961. She married Graf Renigar III von Hennegau.


Graf Renigar III von Hennegau, son of Graf Renigar II von Hennegau (890-aft932) and Alice de Bourgogne ( - ), was born in 0920. He died in 0973. He and Adele von Lowen had the following children:



Graaf Lambert I von Lowen (955-1015). Graaf was born in 0955. He married Geberge con Niederlothringen circa 0990. He died in 1015.


Graf Renigar IV von Hennegau ( - )