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Eoppa ( - )

1. Eoppa was the son of Ingild ( -718).


He lived around 520.


Eoppa had the following children:




Second Generation

2. Eafa KING OF WESSEX, son of Eoppa, married (A Kentish Princess).


(A Kentish Princess) and Eafa KING OF WESSEX had the following children:



Ealhmund KING OF KENT ( -786)

Third Generation

3. Ealhmund KING OF KENT (also known as Alemund, Ealmund), son of Eafa KING OF WESSEX and (A Kentish Princess), died in 0786. He married (Daughter of Aethelbert II, King of KENT).


Egbert's parentage is apparently by no means certain. He became "Under King of Kent" in 784.


(Daughter of Aethelbert II, King of KENT) was the daughter of Arthelbert II KING OF KENT ( - ). She and Ealhmund KING OF KENT had the following children:



Egbert KING OF WESSEX (770-839). Egbert was born in 0770 in Wessex. He died on 4 February 0839 in Cornwall. He was buried in Winchester Cathedral.