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Ceawlin, ( -593)

1. Ceawlin, King of the West Saxons (also known as Ceolin, Celm), son of Cynric ( - ), died in 0593.


He was the King of Wessex from 560 until 591 when he was deposed by Ceolric.


Ceawlin, King of the West Saxons had the following children:



Cuthwine, Subregulus of Wessex ( -bef584)

Second Generation

2. Cuthwine, Subregulus of Wessex, son of Ceawlin, King of the West Saxons, died between 0581 and 0584.


He was killed in battle against the Scots.


Cuthwine, Subregulus of Wessex had the following children:



Cutha, Subregulus of WESSEX ( - )

Third Generation

3. Cutha, Subregulus of WESSEX (also known as Cuthwulf), son of Cuthwine, Subregulus of Wessex, died.


Cutha, Subregulus of WESSEX had the following children:



Ceolwald, Subregulus of Wessex ( - )