Anthony EYRE of Rampton ( - )

1. Anthony EYRE of Rampton has few details recorded about him.


Anthony EYRE had the following children:



Jane EYRE ( -1655)

Second Generation

2. Jane EYRE, daughter of Anthony EYRE of Rampton, died in 1655. She married Gervase CLIFTON.


Sir Gervase CLIFTON Baronet, son of George CLIFTON (c. 1567-1588) and Wynyfride THOROLD ( - ), was born circa March 1588. He married Frances CLIFFORD on 7 September 1613. He died in 1666. He and Jane EYRE had the following children:



Robert CLIFTON ( - )

Third Generation

3. Robert CLIFTON, son of Sir Gervase CLIFTON Baronet and Jane EYRE, had the title '4th Baronet'.