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William ( - )

1. William IX, son of William VIII (1026- ) and Hildegarde de Hildegarde (c. 1037- ), married Phillippa Mathidle Maude Toulouse.


Phillippa Mathidle Maude Toulouse was born circa 1073 in France. She and William IX had the following children:



William X, Duke of Aquitaine (1099- )

Second Generation

2. William X, Duke of Aquitaine, son of William IX and Phillippa Mathidle Maude Toulouse, was born in 1099 in Aquitaine. He married Eleanor de Rochefoucaud.


Eleanor de Rochefoucaud and William X, Duke of Aquitaine had the following children:



Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122-1204)

Third Generation

3. Eleanor of Aquitaine, daughter of William X, Duke of Aquitaine and Eleanor de Rochefoucaud, was born in 1122. She had the title 'Duchesse'. She died in 1204. She married Henry II KING OF ENGLAND.


King Henry II KING OF ENGLAND, son of Geoffrey V PLANTAGENET (1113-1151) and Matilda of Normandy EMPRESS OF ENGLAND (c. 1102-1167), was born on [Julian] 5 March 1133. He had the title 'King of England'. He died on [Julian] 6 July 1189. He and Eleanor of Aquitaine had the following children:



Richard the Lionheart KING OF ENGLAND (1157-1199). Richard was born on 8 September 1157 in Oxford. He was a Monarch. He died of Wounds inflicted in battle on 6 April 1199 in Chalus, France. He was buried in Fontevraud Abbey, near Chinon, France.


Eleanor PLANTAGENET (1162-1214). Eleanor was born on [Julian] 13 October 1162. She died on [Julian] 31 October 1214.


John Lackland KING OF ENGLAND (1167-1216). John was born in 1167. He was a Monarch. He died in 1216.