Adelaide (952- )

1. Adelaide was born in 0952 in Germany. She married Hugh CAPET.


Hugh CAPET, son of Hugh "The Great" (900- ) and Hedwige (c. 915- ), was born in 0939 in Paris, France. He and Adelaide had the following children:



Robert II (972- )

Second Generation

2. Robert II, son of Hugh CAPET and Adelaide, was born on 27 March 0972 in Orleans. He married Constance de Toulouse.


Constance de Toulouse was born circa 0974 in Toulouse. She and Robert II had the following children:



Robert I (c. 1011- )

Third Generation

3. Robert I, son of Robert II and Constance de Toulouse, was born circa 1011 in Francis. He married Hermengarde de Helie Anjou.


Hermengarde de Helie Anjou was born in 1016 in Anjou. She and Robert I had the following children:



Hildegarde de Hildegarde (c. 1037- ). Hildegarde was born circa 1037 in Bourgogne.