Ermengarde (c. 778-818)

1. Ermengarde was born circa 0778 in Liege, Belgium. She died on 3 October 0818. She married Louis KING OF AQUITAINE, HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR.


Louis KING OF AQUITAINE, HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR, son of Charlemagne (Charles the Great) EMPEROR OF THE WEST (742-814) and Hildegarde of Vinzgau (758-783), was born in 0778. He died in 0840. He and Ermengarde had the following children:



Adelaide (824- )

Second Generation

2. Adelaide, daughter of Louis KING OF AQUITAINE, HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR and Ermengarde, was born in 0824 in Tours, France. She married "Fortis" Duke Robert.


"Fortis" Duke Robert was born circa 0820 in France. He and Adelaide had the following children:



Earl Robert I ( - )

Third Generation

3. Earl Robert I, son of "Fortis" Duke Robert and Adelaide, was born in Bourgogne, France. He married Beatrice de Vermandois, Normandy.


Beatrice de Vermandois, Normandy and Earl Robert I had the following children:



Hugh "The Great" (900- ). Hugh was born in 0900 in Paris, Seine.