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Ranald ( - )

1. Ranald was the son of Ivar KING OF WATERFORD AND DUBLIN ( -1000).


Ranald had the following children:



Ranald KING OF WATERFORD ( -1035)

Second Generation

2. Ranald KING OF WATERFORD, son of Ranald, died in 1035 in Dublin. He married Suibine (Swyffine) Machniallghusa.


Suibine (Swyffine) Machniallghusa and Ranald KING OF WATERFORD had the following children:



Imergi (Meargaigh Macsuibhne) Echmarcach ( -1065)

Third Generation

3. Imergi (Meargaigh Macsuibhne) Echmarcach, son of Ranald KING OF WATERFORD and Suibine (Swyffine) Machniallghusa, died in 1065.


Imergi (Meargaigh Macsuibhne) Echmarcach had the following children:



Solaimh Macmeargaigh (?) Solmund ( - )