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"Higher RANALD ( - )

1. "Higher than Hills" King RANALD was the son of Olaf "Geirstada-Alf" KING OF OFSE AND WESTFOLD (c. 800-c. 840).


"Higher than Hills" King RANALD had the following children:



Godfrey KING (OF DUBLIN) (?) ( -873)

Second Generation

2. Godfrey KING (OF DUBLIN) (?), son of "Higher than Hills" King RANALD, died in 0873.


Godfrey KING (OF DUBLIN) (?) had the following children:



Ivarr KING OF DUBLIN ( -877)

Third Generation

3. Ivarr KING OF DUBLIN, son of Godfrey KING (OF DUBLIN) (?), died in 0877.


(Perhaps the same person as Halfdan White Shirt Ragnarsson, King of Dublin).


Ivarr KING OF DUBLIN had the following children:



Sitric (Sigtryggr) Halfdansson KING OF DUBLIN ( -896). Sitric died in 0896.