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Thor ( - )

1. Thor (Tror), son of Munon KING OF TROY ( - ) and Troan ( - ), married Sibil (Sibylla) (Sif).


Also known as Thor, was the son of Tróán and Múnón of Troy. He was fostered in Thrace/Thrudheim by Lóríkus and Lora. He later killed them and took Thrace as his kingdom.

"One of the kings was called Múnón or Mennón. He married a daughter of the chief king Priam who was called Tróáin, and they had a son named Trór - we call him Thór. He was brought up in Thrace by a duke called Loricus and, when he was ten years old, he received his father's arms. When he took his place amongst other men he was as beautiful to look at as ivory inlaid in oak; his hair was lovelier than gold. At twelve years old he had come to his full strength and then he lifted ten bear pelts from the ground at once and killed his foster father Loricus with his wife Lóri or Glóri, and took possession of the realm of Thrace - we call that Thrúdheim. After that he traveled far and wide exploring all the regions of the world and by himself overcoming all the berserks and giants and an enormous dragon and many wild beasts. In the northern part of the world he met with and married a prophetess called Sibyl whom we call Sif... Lóridi, who resembled his father, was their son." (The Prose Edda, 1916).


Sibil (Sibylla) (Sif) and Thor (Tror) had the following children:



Loridi ( - )

Second Generation

2. Loridi was the son of Thor (Tror) and Sibil (Sibylla) (Sif).


Loridi had the following children:



Einridi ( - )

Third Generation

3. Einridi was the son of Loridi.


"Lóridi's son was Einridi, his son Vingethór, his son Vingener, his son Módi, his son Magi, his son Seskef, his son Bedvig, his son Athra, whom we call Annar, his son Ítrmann, his son Heremód, his son Skjaldun, whom we call Skjöld, his son Bíaf whom we call Bjár, his son Ját, his son Gudólf, his son Finn, his son Fríallaf whom we call Fridleif; he had a son named Vóden whom we call Odin; he was a man famed for his wisdom and every kind of accomplishment. His wife was called Frígída, whom we call Frigg." (The Prose Edda, 1916).


Einridi had the following children:



Vingethor ( - )